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Tips for Improving Your Employees' Onboarding Experience

The new hire onboarding experience is an opportunity to set an impression to employees who are joining your company. It is a chance to show your new employees your company culture and how things work in the new environment.

Here are a few tips that can positively impact your employee onboarding experience.

Communicate often and well

Our current workforce is filled with remote and hybrid workers. It's very easy to become isolated during the onboarding process. Setting a schedule to ensure that the new hire is being checked in regularly is important. Not all employees feel comfortable reaching out to ask questions or seek help. This provides them an opportunity to engage and get their questions addressed.

At a minimum, there should be two check-ins during the first week. Check-in frequency will vary based on the company, but these meetings should be a standard.

Give them a schedule

The first week of onboarding sets the first impression for the new hire. Creating an agenda that is thoughtful and personalized will have an immediate impact tot he overall experience. Pre-schedule meetings with key co-workers and leaders. Outline times for eLearning and trainings. Set a meeting with your IT team to help with technology set-up.

Depending on the company, be sure to communicate the flexibility of the agenda and what's required. Think of the agenda as a map for the first week of your new hire's experience.

Make finding things easy

Starting a new job and looking for a new job is like moving into someone else's house and trying to find the towels - eventually they'll be found, but it may take some searching. To help this process, provide resources that will help your new hire navigate your company's systems and tools. This may include a intranet resource page, a written guide, or pre-installed bookmarks - the options are limitless. Whatever option you choose, be sure it is organized and makes sense (and includes hyperlinks).


Using these tips will hopefully create a positive impact to your new hire onboarding program. Do you have other tips? Share them in the comments.


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