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Why Choose Gaitway Learning?

01. We Are Dedicated To Quality

It is our top priority to provide each of our clients with a 'best in class' experience. Each of our offerings are focused in areas of high expertise. This means that you receive expert advice, in a timely fashion, and in the quality you deserve.

02. We're Plugged In To The Latest Trends

Being knowledgeable of training industry updates and trends is what helps to keep us ahead of the curve. We invest in our professional development to ensure we are providing the most relevant solutions to our clients.

03. We Love A Lightbulb Moment

Our commitment to learning is the foundation of this firm. Being able to facilitate the "Aha" moments for our learners and clients is what motivates us to work hard and keep growing.

Our Leadership

Meet Alecia Geter, M.Ed., CPTD (CPLP)

Alecia is the founder of Gaitway Learning, LLC. She has over 17 years of experience across a number of industries including Finance, Information Technology (IT), and Real Estate.


She founded Gaitway Learning with the vision that quality learning solutions should be accessible to business of all sizes.  

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